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Ok, let’s skip the fluff and get right into it→ here’s why you should raise your prices right the heck NOW (especially if you’re a woman!!)

You’re just not charging enough…

It’s literally that simple! With all the time, energy, effort, blood, sweat and tears you put into your business – not to mention the never-ending subscriptions you have to pay for – you are more than worthy of a price increase. Just because you charge more doesn’t mean you have to DO more…SIMPLE. AS. THAT.

You’re undervaluing your work in order to be "industry standard" or to land clients

When you first started, you probably based your prices on one of two things:

One-- you charged an hourly rate to figure out how long it took, and then the client breezed by, barely paying you for the hours of work you did for them.

Two-- you looked at how much those in your industry charged and did the same.

I KNOW that you’ve come such a long way since then!! So why the heck are you not charging based on the VALUE you bring your clients?!

It doesn’t matter what Jenny across the street charges... What matters is the value you provide. What VALUE do the outcomes your services provide to this person? How much time, money, freedom, do you lead your clients to from your services? Think about what the real outcomes and results of your services are and re-evaluate.

I can guarantee: once you think about all the crazy results you’ve brought your clients to, you’ll raise your price right away.

Now, before you say: “Holly, nobody will pay that. That’s higher than my competitor”. Do you really want clients who chase the cheapest option... OR the best option? If you focus more on selling your RESULT, your dream clients won’t care about how much Billy your competitor is charging. They’ll be excited to pay you because they can see the ROI of working with you. Your actual dream clients will be happy to see you charging your worth. PERIOD 👏

You’ll call in more high-value, dream clients, who actually TRUST you.

I’ve done it all before→I’ve lowered my rates to land a client, I’ve severely undercharged, I’ve given discounts, I’ve been the “budget” option.

And guess who I attracted and who I worked with?

Clients who didn’t see my worth, who I had to chase down, people who weren’t ALL IN, those looking for a quick-fix, and absolutely NOT my dream clients. This is because: One, they didn’t value my work. Two, they didn’t invest enough to really give a sh*t. And three, they were valuing finding the ‘cheapest option’ over actual results -- which is not my vibe!

And if you’re a sucker for cold, hard proof

There have been actual studies that show that a higher price leads to many amazing things. First of all, a higher price is associated with a higher value product or service—so, right off the bat (and if done in integrity), your clients will see the high value of your work.

Another important note→ in a study where two groups were given the exact same service (one at a low price, the other at a higher price)—the higher priced group reported getting MORE out of the experience and having BETTER results (when compared to the group that paid the low price but did the exact same thing).

SO, if that doesn’t show you how your price can impact the value your audience sees in your work and how it helps create even better results for your dream clients—than IDK what will!!

A note to the women in the room...💋❤️

We have seen time & time again that women in business consistently pay themselves less & charge less than their male counterparts.

And this is for MANY reasons. A lot of which being sh*tty mindsets / beliefs like… thinking asking for more money is ‘greedy’, trying to be liked instead of getting that COIN, feeling like sharing our wins is ‘bragging’, thinking we have to hustle all day in order to be worthy of money, and so many more disempowering beliefs.

Not to mention, we are less likely to ask for a raise / raise our rates than our male equivalents🤐

But GOOD NEWS— there is also research backing up that when women make money, they actually create even more good in the world. I’m talking → money in women’s hands goes to more charities, families, and to helping others – than anyone else!

Money in your hands is LIFE CHANGING & POWERFUL.

So, if you’re scared to raise your rates because you want to help people who can’t afford more….think about how many more people you’ll be able to help when your bank account is OVERFLOWING!!

Feeling empowered yet?🔥🎉🥂

Feeling excited to raise your rates yet?? I sure hope so. You are more than worthy to be paid fairly. You are more than worthy of the success and abundance and freedom that you’ve been dreaming of.

Now get out there and raise your prices with CONFIDENCE. And let me know how it feels 💸

We’ll chat soon! ILY and have a FAB day!


Holly Grassl


Desire booking out your high-ticket offer with absolute DREAM, bff, soulmate clients?? I got u 🥂💋

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