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Rushing the process, being ok with change, making connections, & other things I've been learning!

Episode #8: Stop Rushing The Process, Being Okay With Change, Paying Your Dues, Making Connections + A BIG announcement!!

If you haven’t already noticed… there have been some big shifts in the works around here. This means bigger impact, exciting business moves, and even a different IG handle!!?🤯👀 Listen to this episode to hear alllll the tea and juicy details of my BIG announcement and whats been changing in my life & business lately!

In this week's podcast episode & blog post I'll be chatting about...

  • Enjoying the process without rushing to the end

  • Becoming okay with change

  • Opening up to new & wild opportunities

  • Leveraging your connections and contacts

  • Paying your dues

  • How I got un-stuck in my biz

And SO much more!!

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Podcast episodes posted less frequently 👉 so I can focus on creating more valuable content, while not burning myself out and posting just to post! I’m all about intention, so this is what’s best for me and what’s best for being able to serve you the content you really want & need! I also am looking into creating video podcast content in the future, so stay tuned for that!

BIG evolution in my business 👉 my main goal is to focus on creative direction, video content promotion, and digital media... so I’ve been focusing less on logo and graphic type of branding, and more into the strategy and video production side of personal branding!!!

I’ve been working with a local real estate media business to learn photography, content creation, and video production from the best in the business 👉 so I can be the best of the best in what I do! This has been the BEST decision and I’m so frickin excited about it and where this is taking me!🎉


AND NOW INTO TODAY'S TOPIC: things I've been learning lately

The last few months have come with a lot of reflection, evolution, and growth... which have brought a lot of new lessons and learning to the surface. I'm still learning and growing every single day, and I'm honestly so thankful for all the lessons that life and business have thrown my way over the last year.

I hope that sharing my lessons learned and insights will help you feel less alone in your experience and will help give you perspective on navigating the messiness of life and entrepreneurship. Let's get into it!

LESSON 1: Rushing to the end robs you of the learning opportunities the journey provides!

Personally, I constantly find myself trying to rush to the end.... Probably because I have such BIG dreams and am someone who goes all in on the things I'm excited about... But then, this leads me to becoming overwhelmed and placing pretty unrealistic expectations on myself.

Then this builds up so much that I burn myself out or feel like a complete "failure" for not living up to these wildly ambitious (and frankly out of reach for where I'm at) goals and dreams.

Over the last few months, I’ve reflected and found that it’s important to take it one step at a time and work your way to a goal... not just try to jump all the way to the end, while skipping all the other stuff along the way!

When you try to skip all the way to the end, you miss out on ALLL the growth that comes from the process and middle stages! When we jump in with this "all or nothing" mindset and compare ourselves to the absolute dream end result, it more than often ends in overwhelming yourself until you “give up”. And then where are you left...back at the beginning again!!

When we allow ourselves to take things one step at a time, we are giving ourselves the opportunity to embrace all of the changes and growth that comes from each next step, so then we're actually prepared and ready for that dream end goal to be OURS!!

So if this sounds all too familiar to you...

Let this be your reminder that you don’t have to be doing ALL the things to be doing “enough.” You don't have to be at the finish line in order to be worthy or successful or happy.

The process is what life is all about, so enjoy it 👏❤️

LESSON 2: You gotta "pay your dues" to get to what you want.

Similar to how we feel this urge to skip all the way to the end... a lot of us also have this feeling that we should be getting exactly what we want, when we want it, right now, just because we asked!!

NEWS FLASH!!! We can’t skip to the highest paying role (while we're just a beginner), we can’t jump ahead to the good part (when there's still so much learning to do), you can’t have the dream man right away (without having a few F-boys teach you what you don't want)… You have to "pay your dues" and go through ALLLL the learning along the way in order to get these things and sustain them long term!

No, life isn't just trying to drag you through the mud and give you a hard time...

You are going through these tough experiences so you can become the person who gets all those dreamy things you've been wanting.

Sh*tty client experiences, that one toxic ex, car troubles just when you thought nothing can get worse, taking a LARRRGE pay cut in order to follow your passion, or whatever sh*tstorm life has been dragging you through... it can definitely be for a *good* reason.

And that reason is preparation...It's about showing you what you want and don't want, what you value and don't value, and preparing you to become the person who has what they want.

These forms of "paying your dues" are preparing you for what’s coming, to have the experience and expertise in order to have what you want and keep it successfully, and it allows you to feel humble & GRATEFUL AF when you finally get what you want!👏😮‍💨🙌

LESSON 3: Sometimes things don't work out the way you wanted them to because that path wasn't for you!

Something I have been learning recently is that sometimes you need to step back and slow down in order to get the perspective you need to move forward intentionally…

And sometimes the path that's meant for you doesn’t look like how you thought it would initially, which is totally okay!

I'm definitely someone who tends to cling on hard to the thought of how I think things are going to work out or how I think things should look and feel… But recently, I've found that this way of being really limits me from ALLL the limitless opportunities and options out there... The paths that may be WAY better for me, but that I’ve been overlooking because they didn't look like what I had initially planned!

Being open to change and different opportunities has opened so many doors for me lastly and I’m so grateful I stayed open instead of clinging to how I thought things HAD to happen👏🔥

LESSON 4: Your Connections and contacts are everything!!!

If you’re running your own business, trying to climb the ladder in your career, or just trying to figure out your purpose… the connections you have are KEY!

And honestly a hard pill to swallow is that...whatever you’re putting out there, you’re going to attract right back! If you find that you're constantly attracting sh*tty people or crappy situations, think about what kind of energy and actions YOU are putting out there.

^This is not to blame you for bad sh*t happening to you, but to make sure that you're being accountable for the things that go on in YOUR life bestie!! ❤️

Focus on being kind to people, honestly helping others without expectation, doing the things that make you feel like your best self, and make real connections! Don’t force sh*t that isn’t real.

You never know who will provide you the next opportunity, who will speak highly of you in a room full of influential people, who will give you life changing advice, or who will completely change your perspective on things!

So the key here is to be kind to all, to serve without expectation, and to stay open to another perspective and view on things.

In my eyes, being successful at business, in your career, or in life, isn’t really about being the ‘best’ at everything… but it’s about your heart and passion !! ❤️🔥 It’s about being able to seize opportunities and create your own opportunities! It’s about leveraging what you’ve got in order to get to where you’re going.

And related to this...I've recently learned that it’s okay to ask for help from others. To ask their advice or perspective, to see how they would approach it, to learn from other people’s stories.

I mean... of course I always *knew* it was okay to ask for help, but I had never really believed it or seen the benefits from it... until recently! Knowing when to ask for help and who to ask has been pivotal in my growth this year and in guiding me to where I’m at!

When you get in touch with people who you admire or aspire to be, get in their circle! Ask them questions, uncover their story, see how they approach business // life! Learn from their unique perspective and see how you can integrate that into your own life.

When you come across people who genuinely push you to be better, inspire you to dream big, and who support and challenge you... hang on to them ❤️🥺!!

LESSON 5: People skills will get your farther than technical skills!

In my eyes (and something I've seen to be true in my own life) is that:

Technical skills can be taught, but your people skills will be the thing that gets you the job, makes you that friend, and lands you that client!

In business, I think a lot of us can get caught up in learning the next thing, getting the next certification, and mastering the next program…But forget about the human side of our career! If you’re working with people, you need to be able to connect with people!

Recently I’ve reflected and realized that my people skills have gotten me so far in my career.

People I’ve worked with have told me straight up that they wanted ME on their team because I’m great with people and they know that their clients will have a great experience when they work with me!👏🎉

This got me thinking about where I even got these skills…And I think it really comes down to practice and experience…and the fact that I honestly care a lot!

I’m someone who will bring coffee for my clients and treat them as friends no matter what, I’m the kind of person who will do anything to make sure that people have the best experience ever. And I owe a lot of where I am now to this skill and part of who I am.

So instead of getting caught up in stressing about convincing clients to pay me, or worrying about the next skill I’m trying to learn so I can be better than *that* person... I focus in on the thing that nobody can replace…that people can’t get anywhere else…Which is the experience of working with ME🔥

The experience of working with me can't be replicated , and that’s far more valuable than a skill that technically anyone could learn.

This is your reminder to focus on leveraging your unique "it-factor" AKA the 1 thing that people can’t get anywhere else... cause that will bring you far more success than any technical ever skill could.


What do you think? Has life absolutely dragged you through the mud and forced you to learn these lessons too?😂

Did you enjoy this blog post & episode of That Brand B*tch? Keep the conversation going over on IG, I'd love to hear from you and chat about your take on this!

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