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Updated: May 22

Episode #6: Embodying "That B*tch" Energy & Confidence

In this episode, I share my experience with embodying "that b*tch" confidence, and dive deep into topics like:

  • What "that b*tch" energy and confidence really means

  • The reality of building self-confidence

  • How to take yourself & your dreams seriously

  • Building self-trust & how to do this

  • Living by your own standards & values

And so much more!!



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WANNA DIVE DEEPER? LET'S CHAT ALL ABOUT EMBODYING that b*tch confidence & energy!! 👏

If you know me and follow along on IG, you already know that I'm ALLLLL about the THAT B*TCH, confidently following your passions, "taking-no-sh*t" kinda vibe... It’s kinda MY THING!!

From my branding, my photoshoot visuals, my brand story, the things that I talk about, and the energy I bring to my business… It all screams THAT B*TCH vibes!

Now, is that how I am ALL THE TIME in my life…absolutely not!! BUT, it IS a part of me. It’s a piece of me that I really love and aspire to be like more often. Which maybe is why I gravitate towards this whole vibe online & in my biz...

Cause it allows me to embody my best, most successful, confident, and vibrant self!

When I say “that b*tch energy”... I don't mean you have to be confident or happy ALL the time. It’s not about never having anything bad happen or never struggling…

It’s more about tapping into that fiery, confident, bad b*tch part of yourself that you might have hidden away!

Confidence isn’t just this thing that some people just have and some people don’t…it’s a skill you can acquire over time with practice. It’s a conscious effort and an experience that you integrate daily…That over time, becomes a part of who you are!



(1) Taking yourself seriously & showing up as the BIG ASS DEAL that you are!

A huge part of embodying your most confident and thriving self, is able to take yourself seriously! Taking yourself seriously and treating yourself as a big deal means...

Speaking with confidence about the things that you are an expert on – not doing or saying what you think you should, or what they’re saying – but leaning into your expertise and speaking to that!

Truly believing in yourself and your vision – Understanding that you ARE worthy and capable of the life that you dream of. Affirming this to yourself every day and showing up for yourself until this belief comes naturally to you!

Taking your dreams and feelings as seriously as you take others – This means treating yourself with the same compassion, love, and respect that you treat others with! It means taking your dreams and desires as seriously as you take the dreams and desires of others, and taking aligned action to make these things a reality for you!

Maybe this looks like hiring an assistant, booking that photoshoot you've been talking about forever, investing 5 hours a week to learn and expand your knowledge, or even reaching out to a mentor that inspires you!

Becoming THAT B*TCH is about taking your dreams and talents seriously...not doubting if it will work, BUT MAKING IT WORK!

(2) Pushing yourself to do hard things

To me, confidence comes from: consistently keeping the promises you make to yourself, and proving again and again that you can do difficult things!

When you consistently keep your own word & show up for yourself... you strengthen your self trust & self confidence until it becomes your baseline / natural state of being!!

"Hard things" can look different for each person: One person’s "hard" might be running a marathon..😮‍ Another person’s "hard" might be getting out of bed and getting dressed for the day…

Developing "that b*tch" confidence is all about consistently proving to yourself that you can work through challenges and work through difficult tasks / hurdles!

It’s not about draining yourself to burn out, but about pushing your limits whenever you can.

For me, this looks like doing things I know I really want to do… the things that my gut and intuition are telling me to pursue...and doing them scared!

It means keeping my promises to myself and staying on track with my gym schedule.

It means pushing myself out of my comfort zone whenever the opportunity presents itself and trying new things whenever I can.

(3) Speaking highly of yourself and others!!

A tweak that has made all the difference in my confidence and THAT B*TCH energy over the years, has been shifting how I speak about myself and others! WTF DOES THIS MEAN HOLLY???

This means: Speaking with confidence and certainty!

Stop using wishy-washy, chasing, “needing” kind of language...

And instead: Start declaring your desires and needs firmly, and without apology. Start owning how amazing what you have to offer is and truly believing that people are lucky to be in your presence…that you have the power to change lives!

No more ‘dimming down’ or downplaying how amazing you are, how cool the vision you have for the future is, or how bad-ass your accomplishments have been so far!!

Confidence is being okay with celebrating your personal wins, business wins, your growth & progress as an individual, and the wins you help bring others to (AKA: client wins)!

It's not about bragging and trying to convince people to like you out of insecurity... It's not about NEEDING to share things in order to PROVE your worth to others... But rather, embracing and celebrating how far you've come and not downplaying all the amazing things that you do / that you are!

(4) Leaning into your passions & the things that fire you TF up!!

Embodying “that b*tch energy” is all about living in a state of flow through your passions!

Have you ever seen someone’s face completely light up when they start to talk about something they’re passionate about?

They get visibly excited, they speak in a different tone, they perk up, stand straighter, they have a smile on their face, and they’re not scared of what you think or if you think they’re right…because they know their sh*t about it. They don’t need you to agree or approve, because they already fully trust in their own beliefs in it!

That’s what happens when you lean into your passions through your work and personal life.

The more you immerse yourself into the things that fire you up, the more flowy and clear your energy will feel.

Which means the more confident you’ll feel in what you’re doing and saying, because you’re living your purpose. AND the more your audience and people around you will be able to FEEL this energy oozing off of you and all that you do!

(5) Getting clear on your standards & values, and living by them👏

Taking the time to dig deep and explore what life you really want to live. What you value, what’s a non-negotiable, what you want to feel like, and how you want to be treated... is crucial in embodying "that b*tch" energy & confidence!

WHY?? Because embodying this confident energy is all about being certain in your values & standards, and not accepting being treated as any less. It's about having boundaries and standards for how you live your life and how you're treated, because you are high value and respect yourself!

It’s about treating yourself as high value, and knowing for a fact that your presence is a frickin blessing & you should be treated that way!

When someone is "that b*tch" they value their own self worth and self love more than the validation and approval of others!

If you want to work on your self confidence and start embodying that b*tch energy, you need to start practicing and living by this!

You need to start prioritizing what YOU think and value, over what you think others will prefer or want from you!

(6) Setting yourself up to look and feel your best🔥

Embodying "that b*tch" energy and confidence means prioritizing showing up as your best self, always.

THIS MEANS LIVING BY: what would the hottest, kindest, most successful & thriving version of me do? How would they act? How would they hold themselves? How would they speak?

This is something I like to ask myself before making a decision, before showing up online, or before entering a new situation, etc...

Cause it allows me to root back to the THAT B*TCH version of myself and how she would approach this situation...How she would handle this and hold herself.. How she would speak and act!

THAT B*TCH is inside of you, you just gotta let her out and unleash her to the world!!


  • Staying consistent with the gym: aka free feel good hormones, feeling like a baddie, energy through the roof, and feeling strong & capable!

  • Getting a fresh mani / pedi: treating yourself to a little luxury and feeling fresh for weeks.

  • Listening to a bad-b*tch playlist: there's nothing like dancing around while getting ready for the day, while listening to your fav songs!!

  • Journalling & therapy: getting your thoughts out on paper and working through them with a third party sets you up to feel clear as you move through life & it's inevitable sh*t storms!!

  • Dressing the part: putting on a fire outfit that makes you feel good, doing your hair and make up just the way you like it, and showing TF up with that "I'm hot asf" energy is a GREAT mood booster and energy level-up.

  • Meeting up with a high-vibe, supportive friend: nothin better than meeting up with your #1 hype-girl to set you up with the "I'm a MF bad b*tch" attitude!! Surrounding yourself with people who lift you up, who challenge you to be better, and who are on your side rooting for you is KEY in feeling your best & showing up as that.



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