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Updated: May 22, 2023

Episode #5: Things I've Changed My Mind About

In this episode, I dive into topics like:

  • Is Canva unprofessional? Should “real” designers use it?

  • Are all super successful / rich people “bad”?

  • Do you need a related degree to be successful as a creative or entrepreneur?

  • If something is meant for you, is it supposed to just come to you? Or should you chase what you want?

And more!!

Listen to this episode to dive deep into the things that I used to believe in, but have changed my mind about! Cause' hey, if you're not cringing a lil bit at your past choices or beliefs, you're probably not growing, am I right!!?!!



Rich as F*ckAmanda Frances


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EPISODE 5: things I used to believe that I’ve changed my mind about

BELIEF #1: Canva is sh*t & shouldn't be used by professionals or “real” designers.

When I first started my business and began teaching myself allllll about design and branding... I joined a lot of designer groups on Facebook! I was bombarded with why "Canva is shit" and how “real designers” shouldn’t use it. And TBH, I quickly realized that these groups can be very toxic to say the least...

And honestly, I took on a lot of these beliefs for a while, cause I didn't know any better! That is, all until I realized that this kind of thinking is very limiting, it's unrealistic, AND unpractical.

Canva absolutely has a time and place. There are some things that it is NOT useful for... And other things that it is SUPER amazing for. It just depends on the project, the goals, and what your client's needs are.

Over time, I've found that if used correctly, Canva can be a helpful & user friendly tool for business owners, despite some of the hate I see online from designers saying that "real" designers shouldn't touch it!

If I cut myself off from this accessible tool, or from designing resources for my clients to use on their own inside of Canva... All because I’m apparently “too good for it” – I’d be missing out on helping so many amazing people.

It's easy to get caught up in trying to serve our ego and prove that we're better than everyone else... that we can get lost from the real reason why we’re doing what we’re doing: which is to help people!

And that's exactly why I'd urge you to cut out the noise and forget about trying to convince others that you're the "best", or how you can make yourself feel more successful or more talented than others... and instead focus on how you can actually help your clients. How you can meet them where they're at, how you can truly serve them and make their experience as positive and life-changing as possible!

Now THAT is what's going to take you far! That's what is going to attribute to your success. THAT is what's going to keep you coming back with purpose, even when things get hard!

BELIEF #2: Anyone with a ton of money is a sh*t person or has done slimy / unethical things to get rich.

A combination of growing up watching Entertainment Tonight, hearing celebrity scandals, and learning about all the systemic issues in the world during university… Led me to believe that all rich people are scheming, lying, bad people…

That is... Until I interacted with a lot of super successful and down to earth people through my business… I feel SO grateful that my business has connected me with some of the most humble, passionate, inspiring, and kind-hearted people out there… Not to mention, they’re super successful and make a sh*t ton of money…

Which TBH, was kind of a mind f*ck for me at first... Cause it challenged what I believed about the world growing up.

After reflecting on my own money beliefs and diving deep into money mindset, I’ve realized that my original way of thinking was not accounting for a large group of people in the world & was a limiting belief that was holding me back from my full potential!

NOW... I believe that money amplifies the kind of person you always were and were meant to be… If you’re a selfish person who takes advantage of people... money will amplify that. If you’re here to help others and change the world for the better, money will amplify that. PERIOD!!!

BELIEF #3: You need a related degree in order to be taken seriously.

It’ not news that university and pursuing higher education was heavily pushed as a “must” growing up… If you wanted to do anything worthwhile with your life you needed to go to school…duh!

But what we don’t learn about is how hiring processes REALLY work… It’s not the highest grades, the most impressive portfolio, or the best references…

Sometimes who you are and the work you put out there is the thing that opens the door for opportunity. It's the people you know and the real connections you can make that open up a world of possibilities for you!

When I started my business and began learning more and more about branding and design, I browsed around Indeed to see what I’d need in order to be hired for any design job.. I WAS SHOCKED to say the least…

All the entry level jobs required a degree or diploma, 3-5 years relevant experience, and expertise in a long list of applications that I had NEVER heard of before.

I panicked... I mean, my $15 digital drawings weren’t gunna pay the bills long-term. The mindset that school was the ONLY valuable option got to me, and I enrolled in a program at a local college.

Long story short: while doing schoolwork, I realized that what I was learning WAS NOT up to date... I found that was learning more in my own business, than in school... I was feeling forced to turn down valuable business because I had school projects to do (that I was NOT interested in at all) SO I QUIT lol!

After quitting school (AGAIN) and taking my business full time – I have worked with worldwide clients, I've been offered MULTIPLE full-time positions, and absolute DREAM jobs... because of the connections I’ve made online, HOW I show up, and WHO I AM… NOT the degree I had.

So let your passion & hard work speak for itself… Lead with the energy of trying to help people and of being your best, most authentic, and passionate self... and let go of all the expectations or 'requirements' that you think you need in order to start... Just get out there and make connections. The experience and recognition will come over time.

So...If you’re a creative and you think you NEED a degree, it’s just not true! YOu've got this!!

BELIEF #4: You shouldn’t have to chase opportunities or reach out first – if the client isn't begging to work with you, it isn't meant to be.

I used to live by this for SOOOOO LONG!! And honestly, I've realized that I have let my ego and pride get in the way of SO MUCH in my business gahhh!!

I pride myself on the fact that all my clients have come from IG and have reached out to me from seeing me online or through client referrals … BUT I could have had so much more success and experience off the bat if I just reached out to people and extended the invite. If people reject you, who cares?! If you’re actually trying to help people, that will shine through above all else.

So, if you’re starting out and still gaining experience / trying to book out, there’s ZERO shame in seeking out clients and building your network!

I feel like more established biz owners keep saying that you shouldn’t have to chase anyone and that if they didn’t come to you, they weren’t meant to be… But they’re speaking from their own current experience. That’s easy to say when you’re fully booked out, have the capacity to turn people down, or have consistent inquiries without outreach...🤯

So, if you're still finding your footing in your business, if you're still learning and growing, if you're still finding your unique path... BE OPEN to experiences.

Be open to new opportunities & for things to go in directions that you couldn't have even imagined them going in!

Don't be afraid to extend the invite and take charge in creating opportunities for yourself! Put your ego aside and get clear on your real intention here. Get clean on your WHY...on HOW you help people, and OWN TF out of it!

It's okay to ask for help, it's okay to put yourself out there. It shows you care, it shows your passion, and it shows that you're willing to do what it takes to make your dream come true!


If you do what other successful people are doing, then you’ll be successful too! 🤯

You should avoid “failure” by weighing out the options & choosing the “safest” route. 😂

Professional means “perfection” & never making mistakes! 🙅‍♀️



Thank you SO MUCH for reading along and for supporting THAT BRAND B*TCH PODCAST! You mean the absolute world to me & I'm so lucky to be able to have these convos with you!! ILYSM<3

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