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Episode 3: How to Build a Loyal AF Community Online

After launching my podcast last week… seeing all the shares, seeing the outrageous amount of downloads, and receiving such genuine and kind messages about how much you loved it…I feel so grateful. This experience has shown me how loyal of a community I really have here and how important this has been in the growth of my business and personal brand.

So, today I'm sharing the things that have helped me build a loyal AF community of thousands of people… from the ground up! If you want a community filled with BFF clients and dream collaborations, and DM conversations that go far beyond cold pitches, this episode is for you!

In this Episode, I Cover:

  • How building my own loyal AF community has made my journey that much better!

  • What even is a loyal community and why does it matter?

  • Understanding that how you show up has the ability to change lives.

  • How your personal brand is key in strengthening your community online!

  • Leveraging a purpose that is greater than just yourself, in order to forge stronger connections in your business!

  • How to speak “to” and “with” your people, instead of talking “at” them.

  • Understanding how to dig deeper to strengthen your message and the depth of your relationships online!



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After starting my business from literally nothing 2 and a half years ago, I have built a community of thousands of amazing people. My community is one of my favourite parts of what I do, and you’re literally what makes me so excited to show up every day.

I’ll get messages from people I’ve connected with online telling me that I’m so inspiring, or that they love what I do, or that I’ve empowered them to change their lives… It feels frickin surreal.

My loyal community has allowed me to work with some of the most amazing people I’ve even had the pleasure of meeting, from all over the world. People who have inspired me to be a better person, and people who legitimately turn into friends.

The power of a loyal community goes far beyond attracting dream opportunities and clients.

A loyal community has made it possible for me to receive DMs from my community members saying how I have inspired them to change their lives and follow their passions! It has made it possible for me to meet some of the most inspiring people out there. It’s allowed me the opportunity to FaceTime with friends I've met online, as if I’ve known them forever. It’s allowed me to feel so supported and motivated as I take on this crazy journey of following my own dreams and running my business.

By harnessing the power you hold, you can build a community that changes not only your life, but thousands of other’s lives too!

What’s a “loyal community” and why does it even matter?

To me, a loyal community means: You have a community of people who are excited to support you – sharing your posts, having convos in the DMs, investing with you, cheering you on, telling others about how amazing you are, etc.


You always know you have people on your side – things get tough, and there is nothing better than knowing that you have a community of people rooting for you and who genuinely love who you are & all that you’re doing.

They provide opportunities – a loyal community will shout your name from the rooftops: which leads to opportunities like meeting new friends online, attracting more community members, providing you with dream client opportunities, being presented with dream experiences like speaking on a podcast or at an event, etc.

A loyal community helps you make a real difference – a loyal community helps you maximize your potential for growth – both personally and through your passions –When your community is filled with loyal fans and friends, you’re given the opportunity to truly make a difference in people’s lives because they’re invested in you… they trust you… your words, actions & work means something to them! They’re not there because they have to be, but they WANT to be!



(1) Have a purpose that is bigger than just yourself:

They key to building a loyal community of loyal fans is creating a personal brand that brings people together and makes them feel something.

It’s not about the processes or features.

It’s not just about the emotions they experience.

It’s not about how much money you make or can make them.

It’s about how you can bring your audience together to become a part of something bigger.
It’s about how you can make your audience feel about themselves because of what you do.

This means your brand acts as the catalyst to their self-actualization. The things your brand stands for, become associated with who you audience is at their core, just because they’re associated with you! Being a part of your community says something about them as a person.

This is why I let me passions and biggest dreams for the world lead everything I do & say.

This is why I lead by example and share my story & my biggest dreams for the world... So I can inspire others to follow their dreams, to believe in themselves, to block out all the ‘shoulds’ and ‘have-tos’ and decide to choose themselves.

And in doing this -- I bring people together. I give people the space to figure out who they really are. I create a space where it can be safe to dream BIG, follow our dreams, and be more of our authentic selves.

That’s why my audience and I are BFFs! It’s why I call in clients who are a literal dream to work with and who align with me on all levels. It’s why I get the sweetest messages from friends on IG saying how much what I do means to them and how it’s helped them change their life…

(2) Talk TO them instead of talking AT them:

Showing up online shouldn’t feel like a chore or "just a way to make money." Showing up should be motivated by actually wanting to help others and speak about the things that light you up.

A lot of people get this wrong because they show up and say what they see others saying, or post what they think their audience wants to hear, instead of being genuine about how you can help them on a person-to-person level.

QUICK TIP: Address your audience as singular people — you’re not talking to a group of people; you’re talking to a singular person. When you hit "post" your message is sent to thousands of individual people...not a group of people all lumped together!

  • Instead of saying “hey guys”, “how is everyone”, and adding a long intro to every video...

  • Talk to them as if you’re on FaceTime.

QUICK TIP: Have conversations WITH them, not AT them — Instead of having content that focuses on what they need and what they don’t have and why what you are doing is important

  • Focus on getting real with your people's thoughts, feelings and everyday experiences. Focus on how you can show up and honestly help someone today. How can you actually help your people with what you say / do?

  • Instead of shouting orders at them, saying why what they're doing is all wrong, and saying why you do it way better... Empower them to take action. Give them clear steps to actually help them. Show up and share that you truly understand what they feel, where they're at, and how you can help them!

(3) Show off who you are and what motivates your actions:

People connect with people and LOVE to buy from friends — which means showing who you are and your personality is KEY… But isn’t the only thing that will make your audience loyal…

You also need to share the WHY behind what you do — the intentions behind your moves and processes, and the reasons WHY you make certain choices!

Don’t stop at sharing who you are / your personality — but use this as a jumping off point to make real connections with your people — share WHY you are the way you are, and what motivates the things that you do!

It’s not just about what you think is important, but WHY it’s so important.

It’s not just what you do, it’s WHY you do what you do.

It’s not just your specific tactics or processes, it’s WHY these things work for them specifically!



  1. A loyal AF community will make your biz & life so much more fun & impactful!!

  2. Your purpose MUST go beyond yourself if you wanna have a loyal community.

  3. A strong personal brand & being able to bring people together will take you SO FAR.

  4. You gotta stop talking AT your audience & start speaking WITH them!

  5. Dig deeper and get into the WHY behind your actions in order to build stronger relationships and greater trust with your people.

  6. Don't stop at just sharing your goofy personality, use that as a jumping off point to create real connections online!


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