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What about when people aren't buying?

As a passionate business owner, it can be hard to accept that we really don't have any control over how other people act -- on our services, in working with us, and in taking action!

Once we really anchor into the fact that all we have control over is how WE act, react, and respond...the more intentional we can become in doing this. The reason why I say this is because...

the ways that we react to our audience's inaction, has a HUGE impact on the success and flow of our business!


When (the right) people aren’t buying, what do you do? What do you feel? How do you react?

When you’re putting YOUR ALL into your business, you’re showing TF up with a passion, creating FIRE content consistently, and doing ‘all the right things’ ...

🤯- But people still aren’t buying…

🤯- You’re attracting more of the wrong people than dream clients…

🤯- You’re STILL not hitting your goals…

What do you do? What do you tell yourself? How do you act? What does it look like?

DOES IT LOOK LIKE: taking it personal?

😢~ spiralling into self-doubt and shaming

😢~ constantly checking notifications & refreshing your DMs // email

😢~ attributing no // low sales to being a ‘failure’

😢~ taking it personal and questioning why you’re even doing this // if you’re built for this kind of work

😢~ saying ‘F IT’ and calling it quits

😢~ ending your launch early // giving up on posting about it

😢~ feeling upset with // resentful of your audience for not buying

OR - DOES IT LOOK LIKE: showing up with certainty?

🔥~ showing up out of pure excitement // to help people (versus just to land the sale)

🔥~ getting clear on the intention behind your offer

🔥~ showing up with the same FIRE no matter if 1 person watches your stories, or if 1000 people do

🔥~ talking to your audience about your offer as if you’re chatting with a friend or someone who already signed on

🔥~ affirming that sales are not correlated to your worth or value

🔥~ trusting that every launch (sold out or not) provides valuable knowledge to help move you forward in your business

🔥~ anchoring into how dang life changing your work is

And hey…if you’re in the “taking it personal” boat, I TOTALLY get you.

Full transparency, I’ve been there so many times before!!

Last year, I had a super kick-ass 3 day program that I was so excited to launch. But the ‘taking it personal’ sh*t took over after a few days of posting and not getting any inquiries. Eventually I let that fear take over and I called my launch quits early…😕

Which meant I landed 0 sales and felt like a total failure.

But— this only really happened because I took the “no response” personally…I let it push me to give up, instead of thinking about what was really going on, or deciding to show TF up anyway!

When I decided to move and show up with certainty (regardless of any external validation) — My next launch ended up completely different!


I had multiple DREAM clients getting inside my offer BEFORE I had even launched it to the general public!! They slid into my DMs saying that they needed inside!

~ which, as you know, is MUSIC to a biz owner's ears!!~

WHY was this launch so different?

✅~ I didn’t give up when nobody inquired

✅~ I was so CERTAIN in the value I was offering, I knew the clients would come

✅~ I showed TF up no matter who was watching, and spoke as if my audience had already signed

✅~ I spoke from a place of wanting to help, versus trying to ‘land the client’ or ‘say the right things’

So…Next time you feel like you’re showing TF up and it’s not working…You’re ready to give up on your launch…You’re ready to call it quits... Remember that:

all the proof, validation & certainty you need to sell out your offer is alreadyWITHIN YOU!

So show TF up no matter who’s watching, and don’t give up!


I just wanna say thanks for being YOU! Thanks for being here and for being such a huge part of my life & biz! I appreciate you so frickin much & I hope you know that I’m so excited to have you by my side as we take on 2023 together. Let’s get out there and kick some butt my friend! As always, my DMs are open to you if you have any questions or if you just wanna chat

Interested in working together 1:1 -- so you can call in ready to invest bff clients who are HAPPY yo pay you? DM ME "1:1" to chat details!!

Wanna hop inside my upcoming "Queen Energy" group program -- to become the "IT GIRL" your bff clients can't stay away from? DM ME "Queen Energy" to chat about it!


HOLLY GRASSL (owner of HOLLGRAFIX & Brand Designer / Coach)


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