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How I went from hoping & praying for $300, to confidently selling $3k+

Over the last year I have gone from…

~ Begging, hoping, and praying someone would want to book my $300 package

~ To confidently charging over $3k for a single package

In months I transformed…

~ From $300 to $3k+ packages

~ From forceful to confident

Now, a lot of things have gone into making this change, but they all come down to HOW I show up online & my *Uniquely-ME* personal brand.

And I know this because people come to me…

~ because of my vibe & personality

~ saying they just love my energy

~ telling me they can FEEL my passion

~ asking ‘how can I get in your world’

~ explaining how they feel like they know me / that we’re BFFS


How the heck did I go from getting ghosted on $300 packages to booking $3k+ clients?

A kick-ass rebrand ~ Created a visual direction that aligns with my highest self & the high-value people I want to call in. Investing in my business ~ I’ve invested thousands into 1:1 coaching, strategy, and mentorship to create a personal brand that is true to me & calls in my soulmate clients. Mastering messaging ~ Getting clear on who my soulmate clients are and magnetizing them to me just through how I show up. Owning my power ~ doing the internal work needed to confidently own my awesomeness. Building an online presence that allows me to confidently share how BADASS & impactful the work I do really is. Refining services ~ Only offering services that I am 200% confident in selling & that create the most impact possible for my clients. Choosing to do the work that lights me up. CEO morning routine ~ Prioritizing my own physical & mental health by implementing a balanced daily routine. Creating a CEO morning routine that sets me up for success & fuels me.

And guess what? NONE of this has to feel forceful. NONE of it has to feel fake or pressured.

It can feel natural, flowy, and ‘just right’…. because when you have a personal brand that just FEELS like you... That speaks to your people. It truly makes business FUN!

THIS is the impactful sh*t we do in 1:1!!

THIS is how we increase your income & impact!!

THIS is how you book out with soulmate clients!! I KNOW you’re so ready to consistently call in more dream clients who light you TF up! Make the first move & DM me to inquire

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