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Updated: Oct 30, 2022

How to attract the right people in your business and actually create real connections!

In this day and age, you cannot expect to survive as a business if you are only posting IG infographics, stale offers, and speaking solely about your skills.

Consumers have changed, and their expectations of businesses have changed too!

Now more than ever, consumers care about connecting to a real PERSON (not just a faceless business),

They care about your values and business practices,

And they care about your WHY!

People have endless choice out there. There are countless businesses that are selling something similar to you, many even may have more to offer and can do it at a cheaper price (uh oh… right?).

Now, while that may scare you…you can use that as motivation to fine tune your strategy and really build a unique brand that people will root for and become fans of.

Because of the endless options out there, business owners have to become more intentional about creating real connections with their customers and forming bonds in order to create brand loyalty.

Okay…But HOW do I actually connect with my audience in a meaningful way?


In order to create meaningful connections with your ideal audience, you need to actually know who it is you’re looking to connect with, and know what it is that you stand for…

It’s going to be pretty difficult to connect with people if you don’t even know who you want to work with and attract. Getting clear on ‘your people’ will be a huge step towards actually attracting more clients and getting your audience connected.

You cannot expect to connect with every single person, so stop trying to attract everyone in hopes of making a sale. Get laser focused on your WHY, get to know the group of people you can really make a difference for, and do anything and everything in order to create services and a brand identity that speaks to THEM.

The more you try to please everyone and connect to anyone who is willing to like your posts…the less people you’ll actually end up making a deep connection with.

Get clear on your why, who you are here to help, and infuse your brand values into every single aspect of your business.


Since authenticity and connection are so important in creating a successful business, you actually have the perk of using your smaller size to your advantage. Your smaller size allows you to truly spark meaningful conversation with your ideal clients and actually connect 1 on 1 with your audience.

Most big companies don’t have the opportunity to connect on a personal level with their audience and their biggest fans! And, let’s be honest… people really appreciate knowing that there’s a real, hard working person behind the business they’re supporting.

Don’t overlook the many ways you can craft meaningful connections with your audience. There are so many FREE social media platforms you can do this on - just take your pick.

Post content with the intention of engaging your audience and getting to know them. Ask them questions, check in on them, spark conversation. When people engage with you and care about what you’re talking about, engage back! Give people something to work with and make sure they know they’re talking to a REAL human being.

Do little things that make your audience feel valued and feel special. Message them, give them surprise giveaways and perks, and let your most engaged and loyal fans know that you appreciate their support.


Humans are hard wired to remember and connect to other human’s stories. The more you’re able to share your offers through the form of storytelling, the more you’ll be able to connect with your audience on a deeper level.

When storytelling, make sure to infuse your stories with experiences (REAL ONES), emotions, and really focus on the transformation. This can be the transformation of yourself, your business, your clients, whoever you impact…

Really connect these stories back to your offerings and how you can help your ideal audience.

Sharing your experiences and sharing things that are important to you and your business will really help spark conversation, help your audience personalize your business, and will allow people to forge a stronger connection with you through shared experiences and values.


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