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from burnt out to balanced boss.

You’re super passionate,

You’re creative & innovative,

You’re driven by impact & helping others,

Your business is your BABY!!


When you’re working away at running your business, it can be extremely easy to fall into the whole ‘hustle’ – all day err day – workaholic routine. You know the one…where you live, breathe, and sleep all things your business. You start to push other things to the side— like working out, prioritizing fun plans with friends, and maintaining balance in your life.

When you’re super passionate about your business, I know you literally put your all into it. You are driven by impact and helping others. So, you literally stop at nothing to see that… to see progress, and to make sh*t happen!

Although your passion and drive are definitely admirable and a part of what makes you so special… This ‘ALL or NOTHING’ mindset can be pretty damaging and will bring you down the path of burn out very soon (if you’re not already there).


After pretty much only thinking about my business and doing things for the sake of checking it off my to-do list for way TOO LONG…I was definitely burnt out. I have learned a lot over the last 2 years of running my business, and I know that this CEO Morning Routine will fuel you just as much as it does me!

Like I said, I was pretty burnt out for a while, so I’ve definitely collected my fair share of things that are NOT good for setting you up for a balanced routine. To be frank, if your routine is ALL business, then you’ll likely suffer in the mental health and fun areas of your life. After all, one of the main reasons why you likely started your business is so that you could actually ENJOY what you do, so you can make your own rules, and have more time and freedom—so please don’t forget that!

I actually wrote an entire blog post about what I learned from being burnt out and how to prevent it, so if you want to read more on that, feel free to do that here.

Avoid doing these things (so you can keep your sanity).

Doing things that aren’t aligned with you purely because you ‘think you should’ or someone told you ‘that’s the way you do this’

Spending day in, day out focused on business, and never taking time for fun or rest

Working from your bed (I know it’s tempting… but please have a separate space for work)

Spending more time online as a consumer rather than for posting / selling

Working whenever you feel like it without any sort of schedule or ‘work hours’

Taking your computer with you everywhere (You don’t need to work during your weekend getaway at the cottage…It can wait - trust me!)

Spending more time working IN your business than working ON your business

Posting ‘just to post’ (quality posts that have real intention behind them are far more impactful than posting just to check it off your to-do list)


that feels good & sets you up for success.

Okay, now let’s get into it! My CEO morning routine always leaves me feeling SO fueled, so energized, and sets me up for the most successful day possible. Whenever I do this – without fail – I feel like my most BADASS- BOSS BISH self!

Alright – below are the elements that come together to make my favourite morning routine ever…

(1) no social media mornings

The first and very most important part of my CEO Morning Routine is that I cannot check or go on any social media apps until the entire routine is complete. As a business owner who runs a lot of my business from IG / from my phone…it can be hard to actually ‘turn work off’ because it’s always just a click away. SO—this part of my morning routine is absolutely essential.

Turn on your ‘do not disturb’ settings on your phone and let’s get to it!

(2) empowering & uplifting music

The next crucial step to making my morning routine so badass is the music that I play. During my mornings, I alternate between meditation music, and my ‘boss bish ceo – I get what I want’ playlist. If you want to listen along with me in the mornings, you can check out my playlist here. OR you can create your own personal playlist to pump you up in the mornings. You can listen to anything, but in my books your feel-good morning playlist must feel: empowering, uplifting/encouraging, up-beat, and it must feel like the person you want to be…It should bring out your inner most confident and powerful CEO.

(3) skincare

Every morning I make sure to prioritize skincare. Now, this doesn’t have to be super complicated or expensive (unless that’s your vibe!). As long as you’re taking some time to show love to your skin, face, body, whatever else—that’s a success to me! Personally, I love starting my mornings off with washing my face, putting on a serum or cream, and using my chilled face roller. Anything you can do to make yourself feel papered and like your most rich-bish self, will absolutely do!

(4) read something that inspires you

Another super important part of my morning routine is reading. Since I’m online a lot for the day (as you likely are too) – it’s super important for me to prioritize non-screen time. In the mornings, I recommend an empowering or uplifting business / mindset book. These start my day off on a really motivating and empowering tone, and they often spark a lot of inspiration in me for things I may want to speak about in content or with my followers! This is also a great time to switch over to meditation music so you can really lean into the moment and focus on the inspirational book you’re reading.

You don’t have to set any expectations or limits here. I typically just read until I feel I’ve done enough, or I feel satisfied with where I end the page off. I typically read for about 5-10 minutes, but your morning routine is totally up to you – so read for as long as you want.

A few of my fav morning reads are:

Girl on fire – Cara Alwill Leyba

You are a badass at making money – Jen Sincero

Rich as f*ck – Amanda Frances

You are a badass – Jen Sincero

(5) move your body

One of the most crucial parts of my CEO morning routine is moving my body. And with this, I really want to highlight that it’s about moving your body in a way that FEELS GOOD to you and makes you feel like a bad bish! For me, that is going to the gym and lifting weights. This really makes me feel strong, energizes me, and puts me in the right headspace to kick the days butt. Whatever feels good to you, makes you feel strong, and allows you to honour what your body needs— is what you should do. This can be a walk around the block, an at home yoga class, or going to the gym. If it feels good to you – that’s what you should infuse into your morning routine!

I don’t go to the gym every day, as my body needs slower rest days too. But, on the days I don’t crush it at the gym, I make sure to move my body in some other way. Whether it’s going for a walk or just stretching my body – I make sure to move during my mornings.

(6) daily to-do’s & priorities

Every morning I make sure to write out my to-dos, intentions, and priorities for the day. I divide up and assign tasks ‘for business’ and ‘for myself’ so I can feel organized and ready for the day. Also, nothing feels quite like checking off your to-dos for the day with a pen and paper, right?!

I think the key here is to set yourself up for success. Once you’ve written down your intentions for the day, you can add in tasks that will help you reach those greater goals. Don’t overwhelm yourself with a million unrealistic things you need to do, but instead set yourself up for success and ease your mind by putting your tasks on paper, rather than just trying to remember everything. Splitting tasks up into ‘for business’ and ‘for me’ really helps with making sure you prioritize not only business tasks, but the personal things, fun plans, and activities that make you feel good!


you get to make the rules.

Once your morning routine is done, then you get to move on with your day however you like –

whether it’s taking the kids to school, making a killer breakfast, or starting your workday – whatever works for you is the way to go!

The beauty of running your own business is that you get to do things YOUR WAY.

You’re not answering to ‘the man’ anymore… you get to choose the things that light you up and make you feel your best.

So, you don’t have to do your routine exactly like mine, you get to do it your way. It should be a routine that you don’t want to skip because it FEELS so good – Because you thoroughly enjoy it and feel better when you do it, versus when you don’t.

Remember: Your business gets to be done your way. Your life gets to be done your way. You are the creator of your life, and don’t you forget it!! When you lead your business and life from a place of passion and desire, the possibilities are endless, and you can enjoy the journey so much more!


let’s create a biz that’s done ‘your way’

Making sure you have a business that feels good and a brand that is ~SO YOU~ is a huge part of what I do with my clients in 1:1. It’s that high-touch, 2 month long support that you’ve been looking for. I’m your business bff, an outside perspective, and brand mentor – helping you to create the life and business of your dreams, and work with the people who light you TF up.

I know you’re ready to work with the people who feel like BFFs so you can take back your time and freedom and lead a life with desire. DM me for details & let’s get to it!!

You’re a frickin badass – You got this!!



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